"Buyers of Cash Flow Assets"
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How long does the process take to get my money?

We have closed purchases in as little as one day. But, the normal purchase takes from 2-4 weeks and depends on how fast we receive the 

requested paperwork.


How long is your quote good for?

The Free Quote we give is just a "Good Faith Estimate" of what your Note is worth. This figure may be adjusted once we receive all the

paperwork, the exact contract figures and factor in any new payments your buyer makes before the contract closing date.


Does American Note Exchange handle all the paperwork?

You submit copies to us of all your closing documents when you sold the property. We'll take care of opening escrow for the sale of your Note.

Prior to closing, escrow may ask you for original documents, which will be transferred to us once the purchase is finalized. All information you 

provide to us is kept in strict confidence.


What is the discount?

The discount is determined by many factors such as sale terms, down payment, monthly payment, credit of buyer, payment history,

interest rate, age of the contract, remaining term of the contract, type of property and market conditions.


My buyers have been paying for several years, yet I don't believe they have good credit.

Can American Note Exchange still purchase our Note?


Most of the time we can! The payment history, length of payments, equity in the property and a few other considerations will still make for a