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American Note Exchange has its roots in the family construction and mortgage business started generations ago in the 1930's. At that time, seller financing was a common way to sell newly constructed homes, thereby helping many families to purchase a home of their own. Our business is based on the concepts and advantages of seller financing, which has been passed down from generation to generation.


When you choose American Note Exchange to purchase your Note, you've made a smart decision. These are the advantages awaiting you:


1. TOP DOLLAR FOR YOUR NOTE - We pay you the most money for your Note! Other companies can't come close to our quoted pricing!


2. NO OUT OF POCKET EXPENSES - You receive a check at the close of escrow and there are no upfront fees.


3. QUICK CASH - Every effort is made to expedite the purchase of your Note by returning calls promptly, opening escrow and acquiring
        necessary paperwork in a timely fashion. We also keep you aprised of the purchase status all the way to the close of escrow.


4. PROFESSIONAL SERVICE - Our decades of experience in the Mortgage Brokerage business can offer you competent, professional and
      expedient service. We get the ball going the same day you say "go"! Our experienced staff handles the minute details, all the way up to the
      point where you are handed a check.


5. NATIONAL BUYER - We buy Notes nationwide! From Sea to shining Sea we'll get the deal done with no hassles to you.


So when it comes to picking a company that gives you Top Dollar, no out of pocket expenses, quick cash and professional service we can't be beat! So please submit your Note information on the Free Quote page for a no obligation quote to see what your Note is worth to us.